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Carbon Footprint

Hi kids welcome to the Power down Pete secret base.

This is where I make all my super planet saving ideas.

Please read through the instructions below and use the information in the files for each lesson.

In this lesson you will look at your Carbon Footprint. The Carbon Footprint of a person is how much damage you do every day to planet earth with the things you do and the things you use. Think of it like footprints on a beach. Do you tip toe across the sand or do you stomp on it? The bigger the footprint you make the more noticeable it is on the beach. The same happens with the things you do to planet earth.


  • Watch the video below.
  • Read the PowerPoint reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Complete the Quiz and work out your foot size.
  • Use a scrap bit of paper [A4] Draw around your foot.

Inside the outline make a promise. Start like this. To help planet earth I promise to……. then think of an action you can do to help. Cut it out and colour it in.

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